What is Patty thinking to herself when she talks to Anton in her father's shop in Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene?

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When she talks to Anton in her father's shop, Patty privately thinks that Anton is too nice to be a Nazi.

She also finds herself thinking Anton is a very handsome man. As they laugh and converse, Patty comes to the private conclusion that Anton isn't an evil man, even though he's of German heritage. In their conversation, Anton tells Patty his father is a professor at the University of Gottingen and that he used to write prolifically. Now that the war is here, no one is allowed to write freely in Germany. Anton confides that he used to be a medical student and that he was a private in the German Army at the time of his capture.

Patty and Anton greatly enjoy their conversation, and when he leaves to go, she privately prays Anton can become her friend. If her prayer is not answered, Patty hopes Anton can get back to his country safely and fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor. In short, Patty thinks Anton is a good-looking and personable young man.

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