What is Patty's plan in Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene?

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Patty's plan is to leave with Anton. She makes her decision after her abusive father verbally lashes out at her during dinner one evening. Patty concludes that she isn't even sure whether her parents actually love her. Her parents are indifferent and often cruel to her, while Anton is consistently kind and courteous to her. Anton refuses to take her with him, however, because it's too dangerous for both of them.

Patty begs Anton not to leave her behind; she tries to argue that she hasn't yet learned everything she needs to learn from him. Although he is touched by her loyalty, Anton has to reject her proposal. Before he leaves, he bequeaths Patty his great-grandfather's university ring. His gift is a statement of his feelings about Patty.

Through his gift, Anton assures Patty that she is a person of value. Both part on an emotional note, and later, Anton is shot and killed when he tries to evade arrest in New York.

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