Virgins Questions and Answers
by Danielle Evans

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What patterns happen throughout the story "Virgins"?

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In this short story, a pattern develops in which people consistently do exactly the wrong thing in order to get what they want. Jasmine, for example, wants to make Eddie jealous because she slept with him after he said that he'd "go with" her, and then he turned around and is going with another girl instead. Jasmine wants to make him jealous by finding someone better—and she truly does want to find someone better—but then she ends up getting drunk and leaving the club with a group of four guys. She goes to some apartment with them, and it doesn't take much imagination to consider the horrible and criminal possibilities that could await her there.

Needless to say, Eddie has no idea what she's doing and certainly hasn't been made jealous by her behavior; neither has she found a "better man" for herself. Michael seems to care deeply for Erica, but he is sleeping with some Italian girl rather than pursue Erica and tell her how he really feels. He only makes his feelings known after she sleeps with his brother, Ron; once he figures this out, he no longer wants to be with her. Erica seems to want to be with him, too, but she sleeps with Ron instead of telling Michael how she feels, which confuses her and makes Michael not want her anymore.

Over and over, characters fail to get what they want because they do the wrong thing, or they hesitate, or they play games. This pattern is really self-destructive.

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