What is the pattern of presidential election results since 1945 in the USA ?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In looking at the pattern of presidential results in the United States since 1945, there are several things to consider. One result is that the party in office tends to get reelected. Only twice did this not occur since 1945. In elections of 1980 and 1992, the party in office only served one term, as a candidate from a different party was elected. This suggests that incumbency has its advantages, or that the American people want to give a candidate or a party eight years to fulfill the goals that have been set.

Another result is that various regions of the country tend to vote for a specific party. This is especially true in the last twenty years. Within the last twenty years, the South and Great Plains have tended to vote for Republican candidates. The West and Northeast have tended to vote for Democratic candidates.

In every election except for the election of 2000, the candidate who won the election, won both the popular vote and the vote in the Electoral College. Candidates also have focused on key states that may swing the election in their favor. This has become more important as the country has recently become more polarized politically.