Exmaine the Patriots' view of freedom.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Isabel's narrative brings out how the Patriots' view of freedom is a complex one.  In one sphere, it is evident that Isabel understands the motivation for freedom.  She recognizes that the Patriots seek clear freedom from England.  They see their relationship with England as one of enslavement and seek to free themselves of this condition.  Isabel gets the basic idea of Paine's Common Sensein terms of no one being subservient to the whims of another.  Yet, Isabel's perception of the Patriotic view of freedom includes a complex dimension.  Being a woman of color, she understands that the same claims of freedom that are being offered by the Patriots in their relationship with England are also applicable to her condition of slavery with White Americans that own slaves.  Isabel does not and cannot reconcile how enslavement is seen as a wrong in one relationship, but is deemed acceptable in another.  She is perceptive of the double standard in the Patriots' view of freedom and calls this hypocrisy:  "You are blind. [The Patriots] don’t want us free. They just want liberty for themselves."  Isabel's views recognizes the fundamental flaw in the Patriots' view of freedom.  Her narrative reflects how the fight for freedom in the colonies was far from one- dimensional in that the Patriots' view of freedom might have been limited in scope and reach.