What is patriotism?I want your opinions on this.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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My own response is that patriotism to me is simply wanting what is best for your country.  It is not the same thing as thinking that your country is the best.  So my vision of patriotism is not the classic, "wave-the-flag," patriotism.

To me, patriotism is the same as the feeling you have for your family as a parent.  You know that there are things that your kids do that aren't the best.  You don't just blindly say "you're the best" to them.  You tell them you love them always and without condition, but you still try to correct their errors and you don't try to make excuses for them when they are wrong.

To me, true patriotism is like this.  You have to admit when your country is wrong and try to make it do what is right.  You are wanting the best for your country, not simply thinking it is superior.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Patriotism is loving your country. It is difficult to define, because we show patriotism by waving flags and singing songs, but it is a bit vague. You also show patriotism by living up to your country's values and respecting your country's laws, or defending your country in the military.
shweta12patel | Student

the feeling and love for your country and the wish to do anything for it until also death

kishore77777 | Student

In simple, it is the feeling which comes whenever you hear your Country's National Anthem...