Samson Agonistes Questions and Answers
by John Milton

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What path to salvation is Samson offered in Samson Agonistes?

In Samson Agonistes, Samson is offered a path to salvatoin through a messenger arriving to escort him to a festival honoring the Philistine God, Dagon. Samson initially refuses to attend, but is then overcome by a feeling that he is meant to attend. His feeling proves to be correct when his strength is reinstated long enough for him to perform the final act of destroying the temple's pillars, which collapses the temple, killing many Philistines and himself.

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At the start of John Milton's Samson Agonistes , Samson is a blind prisoner of the Philistines after revealing the secret of his strength to his wife, Dalila, who betrays him. He regrets the choices that led to his current state and longs for God's forgiveness. Samson's father, Manoa, visits his son and tells him of his plans to bribe an official to free Samson. Samson feels that he deserves his...

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