What is Passepartout's main role in "Around the World in Eighty Days"?

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Passepartout acts as a dramatic foil for Phileas Fogg.  A dramatic foil is a character who is in direct contrast with the main character so as to magnify certain traits in the main character.  For example, Passepartout's past was one of flitting from place to place, which in direct contrast to the past behaviors of Phileas Fogg.  Ironically, just as Passepartout finds himself employed by one who is predictable and follows a strict schedule, Phileas Fogg does the unthinkable.  He accepts a bet to go around the world in eighty days.  While Fogg may seem cool and collected on the surface, Passepartout (and all his worrying) may be a reflection of the turmoil that is going on inside Fogg when things go wrong on the journey.

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