What is a passage from In Cold Blood that describes Capote's attitude towards Dick and Perry's relationship?  

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Early in Chapter 2 of In Cold Blood, titled "Persons Unknown," Capote reveals his attitude towards Perry and Dick's relationship with these three lines of dialogue:

"Perry, baby,” Dick said, “you don't want that burger. I'll take it.”

Perry shoved the plate across the table. “Christ! Can't you let me concentrate?”

“You don't have to read it fifty times.” (85)

This brief exchange reveals telling information about each man's personality and temperament while demonstrating Capote's willingness to contrast Dick's pushy self-centeredness with Perry's sensitivity. Dick's assumption that he can help himself to Perry's food as well as his mockery of Perry's need to focus positions Dick as an antagonistic person. At the same time, Perry, with his mild cursing and futile protests, is presented as a victim of Dick's bullying.

As the events and the plot line continue to unfold, the relationship between the two killers becomes an important focus of In Cold Blood , and Capote's sympathetic...

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