What are the parts to the Mechanical Hound Fahrenheit 451? e.x. 8 legs, needle. etc.

Expert Answers
schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The beast is made of brass, copper, and steel. It has eight insect legs and rubber-padded paws on each leg. He has sensitive capillary hairs in his nostrils to heighten his ability to smell. When he catches his prey, a four-inch hollow steel needle comes out of his nose and injects a massive dose of morphine or procaine, which anthesizes the prey, and then they throw it in the furnace.   It has green-blue neon llights as eyes and  growls, which is a combination of electrical sizzle, a frying sound, a scraping of metal, and a turning of rusty cogs.  It doesn't like or dislike, it just functions.  It runs on storage batteries and electricity. It has calculators that can be set to any combination of amino acids, suulpher, butterfat, and alkaline, and can target any person with that combination.