What are the different parts of "The Leap" by Louis Erdich?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I take it that your question refers to the different elements of plot that can be found in any story. What can confuse us in this story is the way that flashback is used, which therefore means that the story is presented in a non-chronological fashion. This can make it hard to follow the plot and what happens. However, the exposition comes at the beginning of the story and presents the narrator's mother as being old and talks about her "cat-like grace" even though she is blind. The rising action talks about her past as a blind trapeze artist and the way in which she suffered a tragedy, with the climax coming as the narrator remembers when her house was on fire as a child and how her mother rescued her. The resolution comes as the narrator remembers learning the truth of her mother's words herself: "As you fall, there is time to think." The last paragraph describes a very moving intimacy and closeness between the narrator and her mother as they fall together down from the narrator's bedroom window into the circle that the firemen were holding out for them to fall into.