What parts of the book are the key points for nostalgia?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The elements of nostalgia in Hamid's work can be seen on both political and personal levels.  In the case of the former, Changez recognizes that America's reaction after the September 11 attacks is one in which the immediate embrace of nostalgia is how it deals with adversity.  This embrace is one in which American political direction is not shown to be reflective or willing to confront what exists in front of it.  Rather, it is one that immediately retreats to a position of past successes and glory in order to compensate for the insecurity of doubt of the present.  The book's detailing of how Changez perceives this shift in American identity following the September 11 attacks is where one can see nostalgia on a political level.

This same type of embrace of nostalgia on a personal level is detailed in the book's depiction of Erica.  Her own nostalgia to resurrect her relationship with Chris demonstrates nostalgia.  Erica is not one to fully grasp what the present is and the conditions that define uncertainty in front of her.  Rather, she reverts to nostalgia in order to put aside her emotional challenges and her own emotional conditions.  This becomes where she shows nostalgia. The ability to revert into a past emotional condition in order to avoid what exists in front of her is where the book shows this aspect of nostalgia on a personal level.