What particulars are given about Jerry Cruncher's apperance in A Tale of Two Cities

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jerry Cruncher is physically described in Tale of Two cities but the description emphasizes his most striking particulars, these are his hair and his nose. First the details of his hair are established. He is balding in a "raggedly" manner, which seems to allude to the balding of bits and patches. His remaining hair is dispersed "jaggedly all over" his head and is black. While it is described as "standing," as in located, it is also said to be "growing downhill" and long enough to reach his "broad, blunt nose." So we have an energetic man with a wide nose having a blunt tip whose head is adorned with an unattractive collection of sparse black, long hair. Another aspect of Jerry's personal description emphasize his habit of talking out loud to himself and even chastising himself, "No Jerry, no!"

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