What part of the reading shows exemplified personal freedom representing a break from tradition?

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When Sal decides to leave and hitchhike out West to Denver, it is an example of personal freedom breaking from tradition.  Sal is embracing his own idea of personal freedom.  While his aunt warns him that Dean will bring trouble upon him, Sal does not care.  He does not charter a flight to go out West.  Sal does not embrace a travel agent to do so.  Sal simply gets out a map and decides to hitch.  This shows a sense of personal freedom bucking the traditional notion.  The fact that Sal would even want to rendezvous with Dean is personal freedom going against traditional notions of having a plan and a clear, definite idea of what to do.  When Sal talks about "somewhere along the line the pearl would be handed to me,” it is clear that Sal is making the choice of personal freedom representing a break from what the socially dictated notions of tradition would hold for someone like Sal.  The idea of embarking on the road, with all of its inecurities and doubt, is reflective of how passionate Sal is about his own freedom representing himself and breaking from the traditional notion of the good.