What part does Conscience play in Piers Plowman?

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The allegorical figure of Conscience is there to remind everyone of the standards of Christian living to which they should aspire. He is one of Will's mentors, speaking to him in dreams and visions, guiding this wandering hermit along the path of righteousness. But Conscience himself also becomes a pilgrim, vowing to wander the four corners of the earth until he finds Piers Plowman, who is, of course, an allegorical representation of Jesus.

Although Conscience can lead Will and countless others to the truth, it is only the individual pilgrim who can take that final leap of faith. Ultimately, Christian faith is a matter of will; no pun intended, because Will, like every character in the poem, is an allegory , in this case of the human will. The human will is often weak and prone to temptation; it strays from the path of righteousness in satisfying its earthly desires. But if each...

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