What part does Christianity and/or Bible play in Waiting for Godot?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the largest issue for the reader in terms of seeing religion displayed in the text would lie in its implications.  There is specific discussion about the crucifixion of Jesus between characters, but I think that the larger issue of religious worship is brought out in the themes of Godot's work.  The idea of "waiting" for an answer from the divine is something that Beckett displays in the drama.  Even if one removes the rather direct idea that "Godot" is a form of the Western vision of God (from the name), there is much to indicate that the vision of religious worship brought out in the play is one where individuals are forced to recognize similarity between themselves and the characters.  The idea of "waiting" for an answer, for redemption, and resulting in a paralysis of sorts is where one sees Christianity present in the play.  The idea of "waiting" for the hereafter, a world that is not this one, is akin to the characterizations of the individuals in the play who wait for something that may or may not come.  In this, the indictment of Christianity and the traditional notions of religious worship that prevents action being taken in the name or pursuit of something that is supposedly transcendental is made through the themes of the work.