What part of the canoe is destroyed first during the storm in chapter 2?

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It is the season of storms, and Mafatu is well aware of this as he starts his journey to the foreign lands, away from Hikueru, to face his fears. In this journey, he is accompanied by his two pets, Uri, the dog, and Kivi, the albatross. The dog stays with him in the canoe, while the albatross flies in the skies and plays a crucial part in guiding them through the wild waters. When the storm strikes, it first destroys the sail of the canoe, “splitting it with a roar.” Afterward, it breaks the mast just before Mafatu can “cut it clear.” Using the paddle, Mafatu then struggles to keep his canoe afloat against the wild heaving waters but somewhat loses the struggle after a particularly enormous and turbulent wave strikes them, wrenching his paddle from his hands and washing away his fish spear, drinking nuts, knife, and fiber tapa. The boy and his dog thus remain without food or drink, on the drifting canoe, and are lucky to reach the shores of an island, after a lot of suffering.

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