On what part of the body is the adipose tissue located?

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Adipose tissue is fat cells. Everyone has a certain amount of fat cells, they are located in many areas of the body. For example, adipose tissue surrounds the kidneys and serves as a protective barrier against trauma. The tissue attempts to cushion the kidneys from falls or blunt force blows to the lumbar area (lower back).

Adipose tissue is also found in the subcutaneous areas of the body under the skin (under the epidermis and dermis) , here it serves as an insulating material that helps to regulate, among other things, body temperature.

Other organs have a large amount of adipose tissue that serves as a padding or protection. In the abdominopelvic cavity, a layer of adipose tissue is present that lines the parietal peritoneum. Here it protects internal organs like the spleen, liver, and colon.

Fat tissue also serves as a reserve fuel source for the body and is utilized when intake of other nutrients is deficient.

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