What is part 2 of hunger games all about?

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Catching fire is the continuation of the Hunger Games trilogy written by Suzanne Collins, an American novelist. Now in this second part of the story, Katniss and Peeta start to have their “Victory Walk” in the entire country. Their victory is quite unusual because it is the first time to have a couple victors. Consequently this event gave idea to the people about rebelling against the government and the rumors about the existence of the 13th district became a buzz.

This second part also is the second year of the story which is also the 75th annual hunger games. The 75th hunger games is also unusual since it is called as the Quarter Quell where victors from 51st to 74th year will battle out again in the hunger games arena.

The second book ends in the destruction of the force field in the arena and the revolution of the people against the current government.

This book is about the revolution of the people against the current government and the people are rising up to join the stand in order to get the political freedom.

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