What Are Parlor Walls

In Fahrenheit 451 what are parlor walls and what are on them?

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Usually, the parlor walls contain wall-sized television screens. They get a screen that is as large as the wall in a room, and if they can get all four walls of a room covered in television screens, then you have a total and complete interactive and entertainment package. At the beginning of the novel, Mildred and Montag have three t.v. walls in their "parlor" or living room, and Mildred is hinting around to Montag that she wants yet another one. However, the cost for a t.v. wall is exhorbitant--it is nearly 1/3 of Montag's yearly salary, so it is a hard decision to make.

Mildred is addicted to watching television on these parlor walls. The programs that are on the television allow her to play an interactive role in the storyline, almost like a video game of sorts, where she is one of the characters in the drama. She spends most of her day watching and interacting with the television, and discusses all of the programs with her friends. It is a way for her to escape, and to not have to think about her life and how miserable she is. Montag jokes with her about the programs, calling the characters "the family," because she cares for them just like they are family members, and because she spends as much time with them as she does with him, if not more. So, the parlor walls are just large television screens that show programs. I hope that helps--good luck!

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Wiggin42 | Student

Parlor walls are basically huge television screens. The main character's wife uses them to watch soap opera / reality TV type shows to escape from her life. She bugs her husband to purchase another one so that all four walls of her room can be parlor walls. She wants full immersion in the TV experience. 

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Parlor walls are TV's. Mildred is addicted to them. She says her family are the characters in the TV.

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Jyotsana | Student

The parlor wall are the walls that you could put big size TV. Mildred puts TV on her wall to make herself busy. First she had three wall TV but then she tells her husband to get the fourth wall TV and that this will make her happy.

allinaday | Student

I totally agree with the previous answer. In addition Mildred uses seashells and tvs for just making herself busy. She does not allow herself to think as government wants public to do(books were burned at those times) .She behaves just like she has no connection with the real life and she uses all the tvs and her seashells as tools to make herself away from the world. You can also see her careless acts like not turning of the tv when Montag wanted her to  , not reacting when she heard Montag burned an old woman with her books or telling the death of Clarisse to Montag as if it is a usual event.

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