What parallels might be drawn from the way Noah describes his dog, Fufi, and how he describes himself in his youth in the book Born A Crime?

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Trevor Noah and his mother end up with two dogs when his mother's coworker offers them up. The coworker's dog is a Maltese poodle who mated with the neighbor's bull terrier. Noah calls this "a strange mix." Noah himself is "mixed," born to a black mother and white father. They met when Patricia was renting a room from Robert.

Fufi is "beautiful but stupid." Years later they find out Fufi is really just deaf. Noah tells us that

Fufi could do all sorts of tricks. She could jump super high . . . Fufi was a little rascal as well.

Similarly, Noah is an active child.

I was hyperactive, too. I craved constant stimulation and activity . . . I loved to be chased. I thought it was a game.

Noah learns a valuable lesson when he finds out Fufi has been spending time...

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