What parallels do you see between the film School Ties, Christianity, and Judaism?This question is based on the film School Ties.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the film does a very good job of depicting the challenges that exist between the mutual acceptance and understanding of both religions. It is not that one persecutes the other as much as one has a tendency to be inwardly drawn against the other. The Christian, and in this case Protestant, world has a challenge in fully embracing the world of those who practice the Judaic faith.  This barrier in social acceptance is present in the film when others turn away from David because he is Jewish.  The interesting historical parallel here is that there is little reason for this.  It is seen that when David's Jewish identity is revealed people turn away.  Yet, few can actually explain why they need to turn away from David or why David's Jewish identity is a problem.  This might reveal how there is a fundamental challenge between both religions in terms of identifying exactly why one dislikes the other.  The lingering spiritual resentment about one religion's role with the other might be a part of this, and such intense feelings underneath the surfact is something intimated at in the film and might paralell the historical challenges between both religious groups.