What parallels can be drawn between "The Raven" and Edgar Allan Poe's life?

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Edgar Allan Poe’s life was filled with tragedy.  The  people that he loved in his life died too early—his parents and his wife, Virginia.  Disinherited by his adopted father, much of Poe’s life was spent in poverty.  While his wife suffered from tuberculosis, Poe wrote “The Raven.”  When “The Raven” was published, Poe felt success for the first time.

In drawing parallels, the reader must keep in mind that this poem is a work of fiction. Although Poe may have interjected some of himself into the poem,  it is unknown if anything like this scene happened to him.  Without knowing Poe’s inner thoughts for this particular literature, biographies explain that most of his work was meant to acquire popularity and money.  However, this poem has elements that are found in several of Poe’s work.

Poe explains that every component of the poem is based on logic:

...the raven enters the chamber to avoid a storm (the...

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