What parallels can be drawn between “The Raven” and Edgar Allan Poe's life?

Edgar Allan Poe's life was dark, lonely, sorrowful, and mysterious, and those qualities all appear in his poem “The Raven,” which seems to parallel Poe's life in many ways.

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Edgar Allan Poe's poem “The Raven” is quite dark with, strong elements of loneliness, mystery, and sorrow. Edgar Allan Poe's life can be described in much the same way. We can, therefore, identify many parallels between the poem and Poe himself.

Edgar Allan Poe faced incredible darkness during his life. He lost his parents as a young child, lost the support of his guardian, failed in many of his endeavors, lost his wife to tuberculosis when she was only twenty-four years old, and finally lost himself in alcoholism. While Poe did find some success as a writer during his lifetime, he always had difficulties with money. These conditions led him into states of melancholy and substance abuse. In his loneliness, he even reached out for romantic affairs, but apparently these, too, failed to satisfy. He died more alone than ever, mostly unconscious and unable to even tell anyone why he was in Baltimore or what had happened to him. The circumstances surrounding his death remain a mystery.


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