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What paradigm shift is particulary productive for people in their personal and professional life?  

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Without a doubt, there are plenty of different paradigm shifts that people use according to their personal level of need. However, one which is currently "in use" (a current meme, so to speak) is Kaizen.

Kaizen comes from the Japanese for "betterment", or "improvement". In context, it means continuous improvement in every aspect of the "self". This implies that there is always room to make things better, and that, as the world changes, so should we.

Kaizen is perfect also for organizations, particularly learning institutions, because it goes hand in hand with the paradigm shift proposed in 21st century learning. This proposal contends that the professional of the future must be educated in a constantly-dynamic society where multiculturalism and social change is embraced and understood. Hence, the only way we can change an organization is by moving it, like the book says, from Good to Great.

Hence, Kaizen seems like the proper conduit through which we, as individuals, or as part of a "whole", can move from Good to Great, and can be able to be consistently motivated to change for the better. Enclosed is more information about Kaizen as a paradigm shift.

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