What are the page numbers for some important quotes from The Hunger Games?

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Different editions of The Hunger Games will have different typesetting, and so different page numbering. However, the standard edition of the book is available for preview on Google Books.

One important quote comes as Katniss thinks about her home, District 12, and how it fits into the restricted society of Panem:

District 12 was in a region known as Appalachia. Even hundreds of years ago, they mined coal here. (p.41)

The coal-mining industry, where she lives, is still important, but is subjugated by the Capitol, which keeps it poor and starving to quell rebellion.

Another important quote comes later, as Katniss is being prepared to show in front of the Capitol crowd and television cameras:

"I want the audience to recognize you when you're in the area," says Cinna dreamily. "Katniss, the girl who was on fire." (p.67)
(Quotes: Collins, The Hunger Games, Google Books)

This first exposure becomes a recurring theme in the story, with the imagery of "Katniss, the girl on fire" becoming a rallying cry for the rebellion. This first impression is made by Cinna because it is his first styling job for the Games; he also is making an effort for the fledgling rebellion to create a figurehead for their movement.

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