On what pages are quotes about Kit's changes in "Witch of Blackbird Pond"?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

About 5 or 6 pages into Chapter 20, Kit and William are discussing his expecations of a wife's behavior. Kit's reaction to what he says shows that she has become more understanding of herself and others -

"A month ago Kit's temper would have flared. But all at onec she realized that William could not really anger her. She had had a long time to think...'Tis no use, William,' she said...'no matter how hard I tried, I know I could never care about the things that seem so important to you'".

This quote, found about 4 pages into Chapter 21, shows how Kit has learned to be generous and loving instead of prideful -

"She laid aside the dress, and...chose another, a fine blue-flowered muslin. These two she would take directly to Uncle Matthew, and this time she felt sure he would let his daughters accept them, because he would know now that she offered the gifts with love instead of pride".

Two pages later, still in Chapter 21, Kit expresses her realization of the true nature of her longing -

"Why had she closed her heart to the true meaning of the dream..it was not escape that she had dreamed about, it was love. And love was Nat...it must have been Nat from the beginning, she admitted now, and with that knowledge came a sureness that she had never known in all the last bewildering year".

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