Great Expectations Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Where does Miss Havisham use power and dominance over Pip and Estella in Great Expectations?

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Miss Havisham dominates Pip and Estella’s lives from the time they are children to the time she dies, leaving them with a lasting impression of pain.

Miss Havisham suffers, so she wants others to suffer.  When Jaggers gives her Magwitch’s daughter Estella, he assumes that the little girl will have a better life with a rich lady, and Miss Havisham wanted a daughter.  He does not realize why she wants a daughter.  She wants a girl so she can get revenge on men.

When Pip first meets Estella, he does not know why he’s there.

I thought I overheard Miss Havisham answer—only it seemed so unlikely—“Well? You can break his heart.” (ch 8, p. 42)

Pip is a helpless poor boy, and Estella is a helpless orphan.  Miss Havisham has complete...

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