On what pages does Uncle Pumblechook show up in "Great Expectations"?

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Uncle Pumblechook is first introduced in Chapter 4. The exact pages will vary according to the edition of the novel you are reading.

lit24 | Student

1. 'Uncle' Pumblechook makes his first appearance in Ch4 at the Christmas lunch at Mrs.Joes house.

2. Miss Havisham rquests her tenant Pumblechook to fetch her a boy who could amuse her by playing at her house. So from the end of Ch7 to Ch9 Pumblechook is involved in this matter.

3. Pumblechook next makes his appearance in Ch13 when Pip is apprenticed to Joe.

4. In Ch15 ater Pip had visited Miss Havisham and was returning home he is met my Wopsle who takes him  to Pumblechook's house to listen to his (Wopsle's) rendering of George Lillo's "Tragedy of George Barnwell."

5. In Ch19 Pumblechook treats Pip to a lavish dinner after he has heard that Pip has 'great expectations.'

6. At the end of Ch28 Pumblechook makes his presence felt in an article he had written in the local newspaper claiming that he was the "earliest patron" of Pip.

7. In Ch35 it is Pumblechook who takes care of all the funeral arrangements of Mrs.Joe.

8. At the end of Ch52 we hear of Pumblechook who has spread the rumour that it was he who was Pip's  "earliest benefactor."

9. Pumblechook makes his last appearance in the novel in Ch58 when Pip, after having lost everything, returns to his village hoping to get married to Biddy. Pip meets Pumblechook in the "Blue Boar" inn. This scene is in direct contrast to Ch19.

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