What page is it when the two men try to throw elies father off of the carriage?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As conditions grow worse, the Jews begin to turn on each other, as animals would. For instance, as they are forced on a death march from one camp, the ones who fall are trampled by the others because they merely are trying to survive themselves. Later, in Chapter Seven (around p. 70),hundreds of Jews are piled into a cattle car; while they ride along, they are told to throw out the dead ones. Wiesel observes that in such an environment, every one fights for his own life, "and you cannot think of others. Even your father." However, when his father becomes unresponsive, Elie does not abandon him:

"I threw myself on top of his body.  He was cold.  I slapped him.  I rubbed his hands, crying:  "Father! Father! Wake up.  They're trying to throw you out of the carriage.."  His body remained inert.  The two gravediggers, seized me by the collar."

Then, two men try to hurl Elie's father off the train; however, Elie keeps shouting and arguing with them. Fortunately, his father revives enough to open his eyes and Elie is able to get the gravediggers to move away to seek others.