In Bless Me, Ultima, what page is the quote "The people need good leaders, and the greatest leader is a priest" on?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of course, my edition of this book might be slightly different from yours, but this quote comes on page 179 in Chapter Fifteen, as part of the conversation that Antonio's mother had with Antonio after he recovers from the fever he contracted after healing Andrew with Ultima. The conversation again conveys the pressure that Antonio is under from his mother to become a Luna and lead his people as a priest. Antonio, throughout the novel, is trying to search for knowledge, for answers to questions that he has such as the reason for the existence of evil. He asks his mother whether at First Communion he will be given "the knowledge of God," and his mother replies in the affirmative:

I hope you will use your knowledge to carry out God's will. You are a very bright boy, you understand so much, you can be a great leader, a priest--I do not want you to waste your life in dreams, like your father. You must make something of yourself, you must serve the people. The people need good leaders, and the greatest leader is a priest--

Note the way that this introduces one side of the conflict that Antonio endures as he has to face the wishes of his mother that he would become a priest on the one hand, and then the wishes of his father that he follows his family and becomes a restless wanderer on the plains.