What page in the novel The Outsiders does Ponyboy talk about his father?

Expert Answers

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Ponyboy talks about his father on pages six and seven.

The Outsiders has been published in various editions, so there is no guarantee that my edition and your edition are the same. I can guarantee that Ponyboy talks about his father in chapter one. There is not a lot of information about Ponyboy's father, either. Ponyboy's information about his father is about a paragraph in length, and the information that Ponyboy gives is used to further highlight Darry's characteristics. Ponyboy mentions how much Darry looks like their father. Ponyboy apparently does not feel he has a reason to write much about his parents, who died eight months earlier and so do not appear in the story. Darry has been taking care of the family ever since their parents' deaths, and he definitely struggles with the responsibility.

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