On what page in A Midsummer Nights Dream do Oberon and Theseus make a promise, and on what page do they hold their promise?

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Every edition of Shakespeare´s plays is going to have different page numbers, so I will point you towards sections of the play instead.

Theseus makes his promise in the opening lines of the play in Act I scene i to his bride to be, Hippolyta, who doesn´t appear to be exactly thrilled about the prospect of marrying him:

Hippolyta, I woo´d thee with my sword,

And won thy love, doing thee injuries:

But I will wed thee in another key,

With pomp, with triumph, and with revelling.

Here Theseus alludes to how he won Hippolyta´s hand - through war and conquest, but promises this coercion will not mark their wedding day and marriage. This promise is of course fulfilled at the end of the play, when due to the changed circumstances of the four lovers, Hippolyta seems happier to marry Theseus.

Oberon makes two promises in Act II scene i, firstly to Titania, after her cold exit due to his demands that she yield her Indian boy:

...thou shalt not from this grove,

Till I torment thee for this injury.

His plan is to use the magic flower to make her fall in love with a beast of the forest, which is fulfilled when she wakes up next to Bottom with an Ass´ head. His second promise is made to Helena, when in oddly similar words, he says:

Fare thee well nymph, ere he do leave this grove,

Thou shalt fly him, and he shall seek thy love.

This promise is of course fulfilled by the end of the play, after Puck has made a few mistakes! But Demetrius does end up loving Helena just as much as Helena loves him.

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