What page in Of Mice and Men does it say thtCandy is one handed?  

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There are several editions of Of Mice and Men. One of your best bets is going to be to look through chapter 2. This is when they arrive on the ranch and Candy, the swamper, is the one who sort of shows them the ropes...

I would imagine that if you skim the first 4-5 pages of your copy, you will find the exact quote or instance you might be looking for. The text describes Candy as a bit older, and a handicapped man who cleans the bunkhouse among other places.

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On page 18 in my copy of the short book "Of Mice and Men" George and Lenny arrive at the bunkhouse.  They are greeted by Candy who is cleaning the bunk.  Candy is described in the book as being an old man.  He points with his right arm.  It states that out of his other arm came "a stick like wrist, but no hand." 

Candy then tells the guys where hey will sleep.  George finds some strange yellow can and asks Candy what it is.  Candy tells him that the last person had it and it kills lice.


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