What page in the book Wednesday Wars has an example of a personfication? Please help!

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Personification is a figure of speech in which "inanimate objects are endowed with human form, character, traits, or sensibilities." In Wednesday Wars, there are some good examples of personification in the first paragraph of Chapter 3, entitled "November." In this paragraph, the narrator is describing the setting. He says,

"November dripped onto Long Island, as it did every year. The days turned gray and damp, and a hovering mist licked everything."

Human characteristics are attributed to both November and the mist. November, which is an inanimate concept, is described as being capable of dripping, and the mist, equally inanimate by nature, is said to have "licked everything." The personifications provide vivid imagery, making the weather tangible and establishing a mood of drabness and foreboding.

Four sentences into the same paragraph, theĀ narrator provides another very effective example of personification when he says,

"The azaleas lost the remnants of their white and pink blossoms, and then many of their leaves, and since they were half-naked and embarrassed, my father wrapped them in tight burlap..."

The azaleas, which have been stripped of their blossoms and leaves by the changing of the seasons, are, humanlike, "embarrassed" because of their "half-naked" state. The personification provides a colorful and eminently understandable image, with the azaleas being likened to a woman, disconcerted at being so inappropriately exposed (Chapter 3).

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