In Elizabeth Janet Gray's Adam of the Road, on what page does it say, "Adam lifted his eyes warily"?

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In Elizabeth Janet Gray's young reader's novel Adam of the Road, it is around page 61 that Adam is described as having "lifted his eyes warily."

Adam's minstrel father, Roger, had just returned from France, and he was entertaining a group of ladies with a minstrel story. The story was about Sir Orfeo who leaves his kingdom for the forest, bringing only his harp. In the forest, he encounters a fairy king and goes to the king's palace disguised as a "poor harper" and offers to play for the king. Just as Sir Orfeo begins to play his harp in the story, Adam has the inspiration to play his own harp alongside Roger's story. However, sadly, he had forgotten to tune his harp and was feeling very tired; so, just at the moment Roger said, "Such beautiful sounds he found there that all in the palace gathered round to listen, so merry and sweet was the melody," Adam played nothing but five "sour notes."

Adam felt particularly embarrassed because he knew he was a good harpist. So, when his friend Margery tried to comfort Adam, saying no one would expect a "little boy" to play any better, he felt even worse. He tried to cover up his embarrassment by staring down at the floor and pretending it wasn't important and had never happened. Eventually, as his father's story continued, Adam felt compelled to raise "his eyes warily" to the crowd to see how they were receiving the story.

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