On what page did Montag call Faber in Fahrenheit 451?

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Montag originally met Faber in the park one day. He struck up a conversation with him and quickly discovered that Faber had been an English professor who lost his job when the colleges began to close from a lack of students. Montag thought that he spoke in a very cadenced voice, which indicates a poetic command of language. Faber begins to slowly trust Montag over the course of their conversation and keeps putting his hand over his pocket. Montag realizes that Faber probably has a book in his pocket, but he doesn't arrest him or turn Faber in. Faber gives Montag his number: 

"For your file," he said, "in case you decide to be angry with me." "I'm not angry," Montag said, surprised. (71)

Montag has kept Faber's number in a file marked "FUTURE INVESTIGATIONS." He never turned it in or pursued it. The reader realizes at this point that Montag really has been collecting books for quite a while and that he has been unhappy for longer than he has known Clarisse. 

He dialed the call on a secondary phone. The phone on the far end of the line called Faber's name a dozen times before the professor answered in a faint voice. Montag identified himself and was met with a lengthy silence. "Yes, Mr. Montag?" (71)

Montag asks him a question regarding the number of Bibles remaining in the country, but Faber pretends not to understand him and hastily gets off the phone. After showing the Bible to Mildred again, Montag heads to Faber's house. 

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