In which chaptes in "Brave New World" are Lenina and her actions/interactions with others described?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As a major character in "Brave New World," Lenina Crowne, a beautiful Beta, appears throughout the novel. 

  • In Chapter I Lenina is introduced as the nurse in the hatchery,
  • In Chapter III Lenina talks with Fanny about her desire to go with one man, a desire that is considered dirty in the New World.  She dates Bernard Marx, who is different from his Alpha-Plus caste as he is smaller than others and hairy.  His desire to be alone is considered odd. 
  • In Chapter IV Lenina and her date, Henry Foster fly in his helicopter to play Obstacle Golf. 
  • In Chapter V Lenina and Henry take soma before flying to a nightclub. 
  • In Chapter VI Lenina travels with Bernard to the Savage Reservation.
  • In Chapter VII, Lenina meets John the Savage and is taken by him.
  • In Chapter IX, however, she retreats into a soma holiday. 
  • In Chapter XI, Lenina returns to the New World and takes the Savage out in public
  • In Chapter XII, Lenina attends a reception for John, but he does not appear. 
  • In Chapter XIII, Lenina turns down Henry Foster and pays a surprise visit to John.  After the Savage's rejection of Linda, she does not appear until the end of the novel.

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