On what page in the book do they say what the love nest looks like?

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Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am assuming your question refers to the apartment that Tom Buchanan has provided for himself and Myrtle Wilson in New York.  I have the Scribner edition of the novel, and this description appears on page 33.

The apartment, on the highest floor of the apartment building, is small, consisting of a living room, a dining room, one bedroom, and a bathroom.  It is extremely crowded, with furniture that was clearly meant for more spacious rooms.  This furniture is described as "tapestried" (33), giving Nick a view of "scenes of ladies swinging in the gardens of Versailles" (33). There seems to be only one picture in the apartment, which at first glance seems to be "a hen sitting on a blurred rock" (33).  But Nick finally sees that the hen is the bonnet of "a stout old lady" (33).  We are also given a description of what few reading materials are in this love nest, some gossip magazines and a book called "Simon Called Peter." This is a book that was actually a bestseller in 1921.  The only other detail is that there is a bureau, kept locked, from which Tom retrieves a bottle of whiskey.

This description is meant to convey the utter tastelessness of Myrtle, in contrast, I think, to the tastefulness of Daisy.  This is one of Nick's oblique commentaries on class in America. 


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