Who do Pagans worship?

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Pagans do not all worship any one god or set of gods.  That is because paganism is not a specific religion.  Instead, paganism is a general type of religion.

The term "paganism" is generally used to refer to any sort of polytheistic faith.  It is not used much anymore because it has negative connotations that make it sound primitive and barbaric.  If all polytheistic religions are seen as pagan, then, pagans can be anyone from the Ancient Greeks to modern Wiccans.  You can generalize and say that they typically worship gods and spirits connected to different places and activities (gods of things like war and the harvest).  Outside of that, though, they do not all worship the same gods and spirits.

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Well Pagan is a general term and refers more to a way of life. There are seriously a million different ways one goes depending on their comfort, need and ideas.

As Paganism is a very diverse religion with many distinct though related traditions, the forms of Pagan worship vary widely. It may be collective or solitary. It may consist of informal prayer or meditation, or of formal, structured rituals through which the participants affirm their deep spiritual connection with nature, honour their Gods and Goddesses, and celebrate the seasonal festivals of the turning year and the rites of passage of human life.


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