What pagan god did Michelangelo sculpt in Florence in the late 15th century?  http://www.michelangelo.com/buon/bio-index2.html  

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In 1497, Michelangelo sculpted a larger than life sized statue of the Roman God of Wine and Inebriation, Bacchus.  It is unique for Michelangelo for that reason, but also for the way in which he sculpted it, as he wanted to make Bacchus appear to be drunk and off balance--no easy feat for a sculpture--and it is shown with a crown of grapes and an oversized goblet.  He gave the sculpture a high center of balance to add to the staggering affect, and he would use this same technique later on in his much more famous sculpture of David.

There were very few pagan pieces ever made by Michelangelo, and this one was damaged extensively in the 1530s.