What would Pa pack in his suitcase to travel back to Wisconsin to visit family in Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder?

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When the Ingalls family moved to Kansas, they left behind relatives in the Big Woods of Wisconsin. Pa's parents and some of his siblings still lived in Wisconsin. If Pa traveled back to Wisconsin to visit his parents and siblings, he would pack essential items for his trip. Pa would most likely travel by horse, so he would not be able to pack much.

Pa almost always took his hunting rifle with him. He used it for personal protection when traveling. Pa would pack ammunition for his rifle in his suitcase. He would pack a change of clothes and food, such as dried salt pork. He would bring some kind of container to hold water. If he had room in his suitcase, he might even pack his fiddle. Pa loved to play his fiddle and sing. When he was not using the fiddle, he kept it packed away in a box. Pa would also pack a blanket and matches for camping out under the stars along the way.

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