WHat are the oxymoron constructions and please explain what they mean in the californian's tale - by Mark twain

taytayluv | Student

here and there- means 'in various places and/or at various times'.
now and then-at times, from time to time, now and again, occasionally, on occasion
living dead-means people that are still alive but are dead emotionally inside
two weeks today-means that it will be two weeks from this day(today)
beautiful creature-implies the entity is either lovely to look at or has a lovely soul while also being hideous in either looks or behavior.
nearly everything-very close to everything
hardly noticed-means that it was barely noticeable, or insignificant.
soon be arriving now-means that it should arrive now which is soon
served the party-means to do things that will benefit the party.
sick with fear-means you are nervous or worried about something.

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