What is the overall tone of this poem and how is it achieved?"To a Wasp," the author is Janice Townley Moore

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the poem "To a Wasp," the tone is foreboding. It is a warning that death is inevitable. No one can escape it. The fist in the clouds was a sign that God was angry. It was an omen. The tone is also one of pity. The reader pities the wasp as it faces death.

Disaster is looming on the horizon. The wasp is chuckling, thinking he has won a victory by entry into the kitchen. The fact of the matter is that the wasp is on its way to its "delicious death."

There is something cynical in the author's calm description of the wasp's "delicious death." The wasp is churned to its death. It probably didn't feel a thing is the author's frame of mind.

Overall, the reader is left with a sense of pity. In this poem, the reader has a sense of sorrow for the wasp.