The English Patient Questions and Answers
by Michael Ondaatje

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What is the overall theme in the books " The English Patient" by Micheal Ondaatje and "A Farewell to Arms" by Ernest Hemingway"?

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I think that that both works'  themes are different.  If one can find similar in the thematic applications of both works, it might be that both depict how wars change individuals and force them to be different than they might originally have acted.  The wars feature changes both protagonists significantly.  However, I think that this is where the similarities end.  Ondaatje is driven to show that complex human emotions are rendered even more challenging in situations where wars between nations put everything under a different prism.  Almasy is a protagonist who seeks to transcend boundaries or national identity, yet is captive to them.  He is not the Hemingway hero like Frederic is,...

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