What are The Outsiders incidents that reveal a change in plot or character?nope

Expert Answers
Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One major reversal in character occurs in Chapter Twelve when the three Socs approach Ponyboy, Steve, and Two-Bit at the grocery store.  Ponyboy reacts completely different to the Socs from his first interaction in chapter one;  in this scene, Ponyboy busts the end off his bottle and warns the other boys, "You get back into your car or you'll get split" (171).  Ponyboy describes feeling completely vacant--not "scared, mad, or anything. Just zero" (179).  This is a huge change in his character from the beginning when Ponyboy feels truly afraid of the Socs; he fears getting jumped or having to fight them.  His tough reaction shocks both Two-Bit and Steve, who worries aloud that Ponyboy has become like the rest of the gang, bitter and tough. 

gamingbeast14 | Student

When Ponyboy sees Johnny and Dally both die all close to the same time, it makes him go a little crazy and he starts thinking that they aren't dead, he gets depressed and starts acting different.  This is a change of character for him.  Also, Dally goes and robs a convience store after figuring out that the only person he loves has died and doesn't see a reason to live anymore.  This is a change of character for him.

shakeer1210 | Student

When Darry kept shaking Ponyboy on page 6, Darry said, "I'm sorry." The writer says that Darry isn't ever sorry for anything.Thuis shows a change in Darry's character