What outline should I follow in order to write a good augmentative essay (Arguing a Position)?

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There are different ways to structure an essay like this.  Different teachers might prefer different structures and so you might want to consult with your own teacher.  I prefer the following structure to an essay.  (Of course, there needs to be an introduction and conclusion, but I will discuss the body of the essay here.)

In the body of the essay, you should argue both for and against your major points.  This shows that you have understood that other points of view are possible and it gives you a chance to rebut those other points of view.  There are two possible ways to do this.

You could outline your essay like this:

A.  Points against my argument

B.  Points for my argument

In each of these headings, you would give all of the points against and for your point.  (I recommend doing it in this order so that your argument is the "last word.")

Alternatively (and I think this is better), you could go point by point.  In this format, each paragraph would present the opposing point of view followed by your own point of view.  I believe this is more effective because it puts the two arguments together in one place and makes it easier for the reader to compare the two.

So, I would structure the body of the essay into paragraphs where each paragraph gives a point that disagrees with your point and then presents evidence to rebut the opposing point of view.

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