What is the outcome of the pirates' onslaught against the stockade?

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jilllessa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

   There were at least three different attacks on the stockade, but the third attack which actually took the stockade is not really seen in the story. In Chapter 19 the pirates bombard the stockade for the first time and do not succeed in taking it.  In chapter 20, Long John Silver comes under the protection of a white flag to try to come to an agreement with Captain Smollett but fails to do so.   In chapter 21, there is a skirmish between the sailors and the mutineers as the pirates try to scramble over the stockade wall, but the defenders of the stockade succeed in keeping out the pirates.  At this point Jim leaves to go back to the Hispaniola.  When Jim returns to the stockade in chapter 27, he finds that the pirates have indeed taken over the stockade, but the actual battle is not seen.   

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