What outcome did Davis and Lee expect from a Confederate invasion of the North?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When General Lee invaded the North, he had several for doing so. This was an unusual move for the South because their battle plans called for avoiding large battles and dragging out the war. Invading the North went against the battle plans.

General Lee and Jefferson Davis hoped to accomplish a few things by invading the North. One of them was to get food that was in abundant supply in the North. The southern soldiers were hungry. Since a lot of the fighting was being done in the South, the farmland was being ruined. As a result, there was a lack of food in the South. This wasn’t the case in the North.

Another goal was to weaken the morale of the northerners. The North expected a quick victory. As the war dragged on, there was talk among some northerners about making a peace treaty with the South. If General Lee could get a victory in the North, the pressure to end the war would intensify in the North.

General Lee and Jefferson Davis hoped to get help from foreign countries. However, until the South could win a key battle, foreign countries were reluctant to help the South. Winning a big battle in the North might change the minds of the leaders of these foreign countries. General Lee and Jefferson Davis had several reasons for invading the North.