What are our chances of the government putting the people under martial law?Will the rights of the people be taken away by the gov. as the events of terrorist persist?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If a government is experiencing turbulence or is in a setting where Constitutionally bound notions of political order have not been a part of the national tradition, there can be a very good chance of instability rising and martial law resulting.  Certainly, governments that feel threatened might feel the need to resort to absolutist elements to consolidate their own power.  This could result in the suspension of individual rights and independent notions of freedom.  If these actions are an appropriate response to terrorism becomes another issue.  It seems to me that if a government is convinced of the element of terrorism as being present, suspension of citizens' rights could be one of the worst things to do because A) It proves the terrorists right in wanting to delegitimize the ruling regime and B) Individuals who are not terrorists will have a great deal of resentment towards the government.  Any government that suspends the rights of individuals does so as a calculated risk and, in doing so, can jeopardize their own sense of legitimacy.

daylady | Student

Good answer but i do believe it can be and will be base on the agenda of the One World Order that is being put into effect, and the idea of martial law being put on the people will be well ready for any uprising that the people give, for our rights to bear arm is slowly being taken away, and lastly dosent somewhere in our consitution say's that the gov. have the right to protect the citizen from domestic terroist as well as foreign.